Ubuntu Mate - WiFi is not working

I’ve tried WiFi on Android and its working well. But in downloaded Ubuntu Mate there is no configured wifi - I’ve tried to navigate in the network menu (icon near the clock) but without success (I can’t find any list of WiFi networks), I think the Ubuntu does not see the WiFi module.

Please guide me any suggestions to configure WiFi on the Ubuntu Mate.

Did you try to type this into console: modprobe bcmdhd ?

pi@bananapi:~$ sudo modprobe bcmdhd pi@bananapi:~$

the output is empty. but after that wifi is working! thank you!

PS: just for your information, to run bcmdhd on startup, you can append “bcmdhd” line to “/etc/modules” ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=783109 )