BPI-M2 Zero Raspbian_Imag_lite

Hi there, Im looking for an raspbian image for my bananaPi Zero H3 Allwinner. I dont find an working image. Have everybody a link or an image. I want install an beehive scale. I need the gpios. It is an installation from git. I have try with armbian but it dosnt work.


I have used this without problems. 2020-04-28-raspbian-stretch-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc.img.zip

If you need to use WiringPi maybe have some troubles, I recomend you to read https://forum.banana-pi.org/t/update-of-bpi-wiringpi2-for-m2-zero/13554

Thank You, It works. BUT i get errors with the Locals. I Dont can change the locals. I try anything but nothing helps. “can not change Local”… So i cant install my projekt. Is there anybody with an other raspbian Image? Or can help me with my problem? Thank You

I did a short google search and this pops up: https://www.jaredwolff.com/raspberry-pi-setting-your-locale/ hope it helps …

And it dosnt work. Sorry i have try it.

I solved once that problem by recreating the locale.alias symlink

sudo ln -s /etc/locale.alias /usr/share/locale/locale.alias

Great! It Works. Thank you very much!

I’m glad to hear that!!