[BPI-M2-Zero] New image: Android 4.4 (Version:V1)

Android 4.4 2017-12-11 for BPI-M2 Zero

Git commit : ac19f339f6f293fd861c650ceb8e0625eac16fae


Release Note:

  1. Android 4.4
  2. GMAC supported
  3. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n supported
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  5. Camera ov5640 supported
  6. adb root supported

Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:


MD5: 67a5953dac47f3ca7a2628e1422a36e2

Hi Justin,

I got Android working on M2-Zero with 1080 resolution.

I have 800x480 resolution that I want to run. For Armbian and Ubuntu Mate I use 800x480 with pll_video = 292 in script.bin

How can I get 800x480 to work with Android?

Thanks! Chris

you might try h3droid, which got support for custom resolutions in 1.3.3