Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help

It’s not letting me upload here (I’m at work and using my phone I do have photos of the LCD and board right now I can post to the banana pi fb page until I can get to my laptop

Photos uploaded to banana pi Facebook page as of now

i have see you photo . but you use 3rd-party TP, we not this sample , we test it on BPI TP.

Hi: I’ve seen your photo, but I’m sorry that the LCD your’re using is from the 3rd-party. Please purchase an official BPI 7" LCD.


man, you’ve gotta get a real BPI 7" LCD to work this out

3rd party? I thought lemaker was originally sinovoips partner on the original banana pi project? That wouldn’t exactly make them a 3rd party in my opinion I guess, and I did order a bpi 7" LCD module on aliexpress back in May I’ve never received it so instead of ordering another on aliexpress an possibly never seeing it I ordered the lemaker banana pi LCD module on eBay I figured they couldn’t be very different(if at all?)

I mean if the bpi module works on/designed for the m1/m1+ and theirs works on/designed for the banana pi(m1)/banana pro(m1+) how different can they be

can you send all spec and sch of your TP to us ,we need check it.

dude, what you got from eBay, they have some legal issues with BananaPi. They are not related anymore. See this and you’ll understand http://www.banana-pi.com/eaxw_view.asp?id=360

I’ve been following the banana pi project awhile now I ordered my m2 in January I received it the first week of April I’ve read all about the project forking and sinovoip and lemaker going in different directions with the project(projects) the last article I read about it made it seem like the court ordered the two groups to work “together” which I thought would bring the split community back together (a good thing as the lemaker community has maintained a more organized site longer, where the sinovoip group had it self all over the place with multiple sites and a much smaller community) and I know the m1 and banana pi are the exact same board and believe the m1+ and banana pro are as well (I literally just a moment ago found out the two groups have different downloads for each of the boards as to what extent they’re different Idk)

Posted pics of the specs to banana pi fb page

can you let lemaker give they TP SCH to you , let me can check with you???

Tp SCH? what is that exactly? I’m trying to find the info but I’m not getting any results

I believe this is the schematics of the board which controls the LCD and the touch screen. I doubt you can find it though. Just a proposal - you could ask a friend, someone with Banana PI or Pro to install Lemaker’s Android LVDS image and try your LCD with it.

Why not try the new Android Image 4.0 7inch LCD Touch ? Fingers crossed.

I am on my banana pi m2 with a LEMAKER 7in LCD

the images support BPI LCD only, better get one though

Here is a more detailed description of the lvds screen about which rlong talks: http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/1200000-1299999/001285655-da-01-en-BANANA_PI_LCD_7_ZOLL_DISPLAY.PDF

I have the same lvds screen, from lemaker, and i need to use it in the same context, namely for Banana Pi M2.

Is there no possibility for this (even if it is about two different producers) ? Not even the smallest one ?


Let me see if I understand well: I had a Banana Pi and used the LCD 7 "LeMaker with it and now with the Banana M2 I cannot ??

I try to use the Raspbian image and the screen gives a white and then turns off. I thought it could be because I’m feeding via OTG but from what I understand I will have to buy another LCD?

I had to wait over three months for my plate come from China and I will have to wait another three for a compatible LCD? It’s time you would take to make compatible those of LeMaker brand.

However, I believe that it is more of a business decision that hardware limitation.

I was deeply disappointed!