Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help

I have a banana pi m2 and the lemaker 7"LCD module and I can’t get anything other than a blank screen PLZ help

are you use waht image , please download


Android 4.4 External link 3.0 7"Touchscreen 01/06/2015

and use right way to burn you SD card .

http://www.banana-pi.org/start.html , how to burn android image to SD card

This is the image I used and all I get is a blank screen

are you use PhoenixCard tool to burn SD card??

I’ve burned android images to other sd cards using Phoenix card I have no problems with the hdmi version just with my 7" LCD module

Is there a difference between the android 4.4 LCD image on this website (banana-pi.org) and the android 4.4 LCD image on bananapi.com?

is same ,but we have test ,it is working fine.

I’ve tried other images with the 7" LCD module and nothing happens with the android image (4,4 LCD) the screen comes on but stays a blank white screen, what could be the reason for this then? I’m so confused npw

we have success test ok , and new image will support it.

This screen not android display. No you’re not related . Look, it works and you have been saying for help? Rasperry pi lot better than you. :rage:

I’m asking for help cause I’ve tried everything everyone’s said and my screen isn’t working all I get is a blank gray screen I only have the one pi board and screen and the screen I’ve had only a few days so I didn’t think it would be defective but that’s what I’m down to believe at this point I guess

please download andorid LCD verion , it support touch screen.

please give us more message.

1, what TP are you used ,

2, use the right way to burn your image. http://www.banana-pi.org/start.html

3, can you give us more boot message???

HI: Please check on the MD5 checksum of Android images you downloaded, and to see if the LCD-cable is in right position.

Tp? Touchpanel? I’m using the lemaker 7" LCD module, android 4.4 LCD os burned to the sd card using Phoenix card, I’m not getting any messages the screen turns on an just stays a blank white screen

How do I check the md5 checksum?

do u know if it starts up into the os? maybe u can try find it in the network than we can atleast know that the system is not faulty, and thats it is a screen issue

I believe it does as it only turns on with the android 4.4lcd os but it just remains a blank gray/white screen

HI: It seems to me that the actual root cause is that you’re not using BPI 7" LCD module. As a matter of fact, we don’t know the spec. of your LCD, therefore we’re afraid we 're not able to give you suggestions. Maybe you’d love to consider purchasing a BPI 7" LCD module. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-100-original-high-quality-Banana-Pro-Pi-7-inch-LCD-Display-Touch-Screen-Raspberry-Pi/302756_32339310545.html

BPI 7" LCD module demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU7tMJIUL0I

I am using a banana pi 7" LCD module it’s the lemaker version not the bpi version, it’s made for the banana pi/ banana pro or the banana pi m1/m1+ which the lvds should be the same as the banana pi m2


Would you please provide the following info for us to check on? (please be sure that they are all BPI products & images)

1). Photo(s) of the Board

2). Photo(s) of the LCD

3). Checksum of Android images (see this as reference http://winmd5.com/)