BPI-M1/BPI-M1+ New Image:ubuntu-16.04-xenial-minimal-preview-bpi-m1-m1p-r1.img 2016-07-10


run on BPI-M1:

run on BPI-M1+

  1. based on ubuntu 16.04 xenial ubuntu-minimal.
  2. BPI-M1 / BPI-M1P / BPI-R1 u-boot-2016.05, kernel 3.4.112 (based on armbian’s build)
  3. username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi
  4. support HDMI 1080P & 720P(default)
  5. support GMAC
  6. support WIFI (module only, no wireless tools)
  7. support SATA
  8. support bpi-bootsel cmd can switch to (bpi-m64 & bpi-m3 & bpi-m2 & bpi-m2p & bpi-m1-m1p-r1)
  9. support boot.scr (boot.cmd) to fatload script.bin & uImage & uInitrd
  10. support boot.scr to set video 1080P & 720P & 480P …
  11. based on armbian’s build env. & rootfs, thanks for armbian (http://www.armbian.com)
  12. github from https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib by armbian’s work
  13. special thanks for linux-sunxi’s work (https://linux-sunxi.org)

Google Drive:


MD5: b900b9ba3b0f664a2cfae1fa1146b2fa

this image also can boot on armv7 raspberry pi 2 armv8 raspberry pi 3 ,but not support armv6 raspberry pi 1, not include raspberry pi kernel module, so just for boot test.

Hi! Can you explain how to install drivers for wifi usb stick realtek 8188 on this distro?

Hi there,

My M1+ cannot get wifi work. ifconfig shows wlan0, and when I connect to my AP, it ask me to enter my password, after I entered password and click connect, it will show the enter password window again later. How can I get WIFI work?

Are you sure that use this image? Because there is not any window, unless you install some desktop environment. And anyway… if you see your access point - wifi works.

Hi, quick question, out of the box SSH is disabled, how can you enable this during flashing? I’m doing this from a windows machine.

Update: I found a thread here BPI-M1+ Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) that recommended to use Armbian, seems compatible with Banana PI M1/M1+.

Best Regards, Glego