Banana pi BPI-M3-R with allwinner R58 chip Android 5.1.1 Test

banana pi BPI-M3-R with allwinner R58 chip Android 5.1.1 Test

BPI-M3 with allwinner A83T BPI-M3-H with allwinner H8 BPI-M3-R with allwinner R58

Can you explain why this is useful? Before the negative people jump in?

I don’t see any real differences in the allwinner spec sheets between the R58 and A83T? can you explain the differences?

Nothing is the differance thats why they made this video. If u got a R58 or H8 will give a same performance as A83T.

yes, chip is mark not same, and support from not same BU, allwinner have BU1, BU2,BU3. SDK software is also not same. we must spend time to test to all software .and try to find some issue about driver.

we test all software get from allwnner , now ,we need to study all those SDK.

for H8,R58,A83T, SDK can not work each others. allwinner limited it with encrypt. we must study all code .and test all driver

as you konw , we can not hope allwinner do a real open source . we must check many code by us.

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The negative people could tell you a bit more since they’re not limited to your little moronic Banana world but deal with other Allwinner SoCs too.

The R series is meant to be used for SBC useage and IoT stuff, is also said to have a longer shelve life and is said to be available in an industrial grade temperature range if customers want.

They use another chip ID that will be checked by Allwinner’s boot0 BLOB (can be exchanged easily: I know that you’re not capable of clicking on links to learn something but maybe others get the idea: ). So what @sinovoip is talking about “SDK can not work each others” might be true but essentially it’s just this little BLOB where they try to stop booting when a ‘wrong’ SoC ID is spot.

Everything else is the same, no need to ‘study’ drivers. It all boils down to the boot0 BLOB. If you would leave your little laughable Banana world you would be able to understand the basics.


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That was my thought, it seems a totally pointless process. The R58/H8 is capable of higher speeds but given the issues with overheating and power management on a standard board I don’t see any point in the R58 or H8. I was BPI could explain why they do this?

we just test all code ,and we want to unitive code . so user can easy to development on it.

But development of “code” as far as apps are concerned, is going to be the same for all chips, its only going to be of use if you produce new different low level OS code which can make use of the higher speeds, but I don’t think that is possible with the boards configuration? Perhaps you should focus on the the performance issues of the current main board? Since its clear some OS software settings will make a big improvement all current users can enjoy

i see. we now try to do this work. to optimize source code. thank you.

Thank you, but its not source code, its settings. :smiley:

U fucking idiot dont try irrespect ppl,@tkaiser shows u the point of devellopment meaning and open source software is based on creative freedom and to no repeat same effort last man did this is why @sinovoip stucks on loop of errors


people who abuse, bully and insult have no right to respect. This is a community which will thrive on help and co-operation TKaisere and a few others are simply toxic in their unreasonable demands for respect

LOL, you still don’t get it. The community is somewhere else (but ignorant people like you must fail to understand this). And without the real community the OS images provided here would be even more horrible than they are now.

I would suspect Mikey and Justin are trying their best but unfortunately some management decisions lead always to them wasting time on irrelevant stuff like this here. And BTW: you’re also wrong if you think H8 and R58 would be theoretically faster. It’s the same chip just with another ID. But since you’re not able to click on links and learn you’ll never know what really happens :slight_smile:

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Advertisers board just to open source, so it still not fully interesting. but since it is not a good BPI m1, m1 + BPI, BPI m2 can be android sdk downloaded from the “” to ftp, etc … but it is! sdk is not good to have, but you must be perfect image … eg. android bugs BPI-7 m1 + lcd not work dual screen so you do not have. barcode app could use auto focus. ov5640 autofocus camera not work. but only in the preview video display 640x480 etc. …

BPI m2 not work dual screen would. BPI m3 auto-focus did not answer my question, Jason 1 week. but I bought thanked the panel. :slight_smile: but the BPI m3 dual camera but only one works.

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maybe some other user will share this code soon ,but for us . we can not public it.:slight_smile: