Battery for BPI-M2 configuration - need help

Hi. I’ve soldered battery pins into BPI-M2 and connected a LiPo 3,7v 400 mAH battery that’s works fine. But I need to configure battery type and I’m not able to find config.bin configuration file to do so. Anyone know how to configure battery capacity and type?


Hi, nobody can help on this?? Please!! Regards Martin

You need to configure because?

Hi, need to configure because default battery paramters are incorrect, for example: POWER_SUPPLY_ENERGY_FULL_DESIGN=0

I dont know how exactly the charger works, but I guess it need to know battery capacity to calculate correctly the actual battery charge. Can you please clarify??

regards Martin

I googled up some answers.

There is a website explaining some of the data.

3 down vote Can you run the following command and put the output into your question:

cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/uevent This should contain info such as the POWER_SUPPLY_ENERGY_FULL_DESIGN, POWER_SUPPLY_ENERGY_FULL and POWER_SUPPLY_ENERGY_NOW which will give us a more informed answer to your issue.


So your machine is reporting:



…these two fields are static data from the ACPI _BIX control. The first is the design capacity of the battery, the second is the predicted battery capacity when fully charged.


Personally I think it is actually an out put file with the FULL DESIGN the actually rating of the battery. It may be used in cases like the battery display where an icon displays how much battery is left. I guess you can change it to 400 since you have a 400mAh battery.

‘Great’ – that’s all one can expect here regarding support: Google search results totally irrelevant for the platform in question. Google hits for the x86 platform don’t help that much when it’s about to adjust parameters in a so called fex file so that the PMU of the ARM board in question can calculate battery live.

And as already said in another post today: To achieve what he wants one has to compile the so called SDK since otherwise no adjustments made in the fex file have any effect (since SinoVoip relies on horribly outdated software). And since the M2 uses an unsupported SoC and the manufacturer doesn’t give a sh*t regarding support the hardware features of the M2 are irrelevant since they can’t be used fully.

Time to leave this place. Now that LeMaker doesn’t host a support forum any longer and provides software support it’s only a matter of time when the whole Banana Pi family will die (due to incompatible hardware advertised with misleading specs as being compatible with the Banana Pi M1… and people start to realise that they’re lost when they buy such an incompatible piece of hardware lacking any support).

Tell us when you leave. We will prepare a sending off party :smile: