Bananapi-R1 (lamobo-r1) Images

Hey there since i got a Bananapi-R1 recently ive started to notice that there are no up to Date Images out there. Official support is over since 2016 and none of the Images later than Ubuntu 16.04 i found started booting or even have a working Download Link!

So i had to figure out how i could get a later Version installed on my Board by myself!

I have compiled a Bullseye Image that works fine, the only things ive noticed are missing OTG and WirringPi Support! Maybe someone knows a way how to get it working??

As i wrote before i couldnt find any recent Images out there, so i compiled some with this well documented Compiler by Armbian.

SSH is enabled by default, only Bullseye and Buster are tested!

Login: root

Password: 1234

Armbian Sid: Download

Armbian Bullseye: Download

Armbian Buster: Download

Ubuntu Jammy : Download

Ubuntu Impish: Download

Ubuntu Focal: Download

Build date: 04.04.2022

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thank you share this ,very good.

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You`re welcome! But keep in mind that you have to figure out many things by yourself to get the Board working properly besides just booting and tinkering around with Linux!

I was looking for a way to revive my lamobo-r1, thank you for sharing. Like you said, there are no recent images around.

I’ve been trying FreeBSD on it but the ethernet is not working and the wifi works painfully slow.

Don’t know why, but only the Focal image worked on my board.

Thanks again for sharing.

UPDATE: Running Ubuntu Impish now… even sata power works :star_struck:

Which one is the most stable ? What do you suggest ?

They all have identical hardware interface.

Hey there, im sorry for not answering to my Thread since ive started it!

I did some Tests and @renatoaquino is right. Ubuntu Impish is (i dont know why) the most stable Version!

Currently im working on a Image with some more Network capabilitys so you can use it as a Switch, and im building a GUI on XFCE base (i dont use it very often but sometimes its useful!).

For now im still facing Issues with OTG and GPIO support, they still dont Work. :confused:

Actual Screenshot of the GUI with 1080p Output and usage of Ressources while running the GUI and a small Serial Host for Duino-Coin Mining: 30

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