Banana pi + Win 10 IoT DirectX or Hardware Acceleration support


We used Raspberry pi in many different IOT projects before and we plan to develop an digital signage application based on UWP. But there is no hardware acceleration support for Raspberry in Win 10 IoT and video playback performance is very poor. So we are looking for a different board.

Does banana pi offer hardware based video acceleration?

maybe not support DirectX

Hello! How Do You Make win iot to run? Ich Flash sd card but nothing hapened…

Do you have any Windows IoT boards that will support DirectX? There has been many requests for this on the Microsoft IoT forums. It would be great if Banana Pi creates one. It will definitely set you apart from the Raspberry Pi and many user’s will buy your board. Currently, we may not be able to use the M64 for video purposes, because I believe the Mali-400 does not support DirectX. However, other Mali chipsets seem to support it.