Banana PI not starting

Hello guys, my name is Patryk.

Ive got a brand new banana pi m3, and Ive burned into my sd cards 3 differente images (ubuntu, raspbian and android) none of them worked. The banana pi turns all the lights on, and after a few seconds it turns off…

Any one can help? It’s brand new, maybe the problem is me!

Thanks in advance!

Most probably because of its insufficient power, try with a DC adapter rating 2A@5V

Actually I did :confused: I did with 5v and 2.1 mA and 5v 3mA, same thing :frowning:

Oh, both sd cards are sandisk 32gb class 10.

Sure This board is different from the other PI variants. You must have at least 12W to power the board successfully for full operation. 12W=5.3V*2.26A

If you have the micro usb version. Using two microUSB cables you can plug one into the OTG and one into the power jack. The micro USB Power connector and two filters next to it are only read for 11W so this will not reliably work very long or at full power.

The barrel jack version will handle the full power.

Now the 12W minimum is critical it will not run the board full speed. I did use a 4A 5.7V wall wart on version 2 model OPENPEAK OP-20004 LFS054000D-ABS works great, power fead into GPIO header rather than USB or 4mm.

The other thing to be aware of is that this is not the same as other pi boards the processor needs a good heat sink to function properly.

Use a PC northbridge cooler with a fan as an option. I measured the circuit board with a reneshaw probe and machined an 1/2 inch (13mm) aluminum block with a relief and fins on the back for my boards.

I plan on popping a rubber mold off one and pouring an epoxy macaque to send to china. They have more resources for precision casting at low cost than I do here.

With the thermal camera it shows @20W dissipation. I can machine others for people if they wish but they are not cheap it takes about 2 hours on my CNC mill. PM if interested.