BPI-M3 live or dead?

Hello, Yesterday I received my BPI-M3, but since I did not have a plug connector to power it, I had the bad idea of ​​supplying power through the OTG micro USB port. The BPI-M3 did not start. Today I have a 2A power supply with plug but unfortunately the BPI-M3 does not start yet, the three LEDs light up for a few seconds then go off and nothing more !. Did I kill him?

thank you

the red should shine, are you sure if the power supply 2A brings
if it is an old it can happen that there is no 2A out of it.
Take another power adapter and use it without sata and re-burn the SD card.

thanks, but I would like to be sure that I did not make a fatal mistake by feeding from OTG

It may or may not be, that’s why I wrote, take another power supply !?

it seems right, I’ll try Thanks again

Hi Wolfgang is correct about the power supply may be week.

The BPI-M3 actually requires about 21W to operate properly.

You can manage to get it to startup from the emmc after flashed with a 2.1A supply but you will have poor results.

I found that the minimum is about 12W or 2.26A at 5.3V Previous Post Specifically about this

The reason you may not see a LED illuminate is that the BPI-M3 powerIC does a very fast check to see how much load the incoming power supply can provide without dropping voltage down too low. This test takes place on power up before any of the LEDs are turned on.

One last thought…

The OTG version of the board the one without the power in jack can only handle about 9W on the OTG so it is best to power the board from the GND and V+ on the pin headers.