Banana Pi M3 Use with HDMI-VGA Converter


I bought a Banana Pi M3 last month and it ariive to me a few days ago. But when I try yo use it I meet a few problems.

First, when I plug in a hdmi to vga convertor to Banana Pi, It shuts down sometimes. How to can I prevent it? Secondly, how to change resolution banana pi m3? Because my monitor isn’ t support 1920*1080 resolution so I cant see anything if converter works well.

Can anyone help me to solving this problem?

Thans a lot.

Search, search…

edit script.bin:

support uEnv.txt to set video 1080P & 720P & 480P :


Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for your answer I will try and make feedback to you.

But isn’ t there a more simple way to change resolution like odroid’ s computers? I booted sd card and I saw a config.txt document .It has lots of configuration, But when I change any configuration it’ s not effect anything.

You can edit uEnv.txt to change resolution but to connect monitor via hdmi-dvi I know one way - edit script.bin You can do it with Sunxi-tools and putty.

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I was triying old image for banana Pi. I changed the image with this:

I solved the resolution problem with edit uEnv.txt file . And there is only one problem left. Some time hdmi cable can cause closing problem. How can I prevent this problem?