Banana Pi BPI-M3 2nd Giveaway - Enter for a Chance to Win

Hello we are back for another BPI-M3 Giveaway. This is the second giveaway and the first one here will still be active.

We are getting closer and closer to the release of the Octa-core single board computer, the M3, and we are so excited that we decided to start another giveaway, this time with a fun twist. We are putting it on to make the winner picking process transparent. (2 winners will be picked randomly) So what are you waiting for?

The contest goes from 12:00AM 23rd September 2015 — 11:59PM 23rd October 2015 (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

xX Click the Below Link to Enter the Giveaway Xx

xX If you decide to log into the giveaway with something other than email, you must post your email here with the method you registered so we can contact you easily. Xx

  1. This giveaway is available to US, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, France, China, Poland, UK, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and countries under the shop section on the official website.
  2. You have to provide an valid email address because that is the only means of us contacting you.
  3. Your email address will not be shared and we will not add your email address to our mailing list.
  4. Only one email entry is permitted per address/person. Do not try to win by duping entries, you will simply be disqualified.
  5. The winners here are selected randomly with platform.
  6. After the give away ends, we will send out emails to the winners and they have 72 hours to reply before they automatically forfeit their prize to another winner.

Are you kidding us? I applied for this dev boad months ago, still no board. I applied orangepi board just weeks ago and I got one already.

Where is the 1000 sample board? And who got them? Anyone reply here? Sound like a fraud in order to make people click and follow you guys on twitter.

No its not fraud mate. The M-3 is still in development while the Orange Pi is already in manufacturing. This giveaway is 100% legit. It ends in a months, thats when the M3 comes out. If you applied in the other topic, some users from there will also be picked. Wait and see. We will giveaway the M3 in late October.

I applied months ago and now again here, but still no board received. Can I get one? It sounds like you guys are promoting this board using a trick. I already see the ported Android and Lubuntu images for the board. I guess what you mean comes out is the moment M3 goes directly to the market, not to the Banana Pi fans.

hikalu, read please…

Already finished 4 entries. Where is my sample board then?

说好的M3样板在哪里?几个月前说会发1000片样板的帖子里面就申请了> ,至今未发,马上要上市了。追梦说发一片的,怎么还没发?不会是骗点击和关注吧?香蕉派粉丝呀 国内已经开卖了 370一片 现在7 entries了 Guess what, this 62 bucks dev-board is using AP6212 instead of AP6330/AP6335 which support 5G WiFi, it doesn`t make sense. Cost cut right? I guess nobody has got the so called 1000 sample board so far, except those working for Sinovoip. Despite I applied months ago for this seems promising board I still got nothing. Is this some kind of trick you guys do marketing?

I am serious concerned with your ability to read and understand common phrases. :grinning: The giveaway ends on the 23rd of October. Until then no winners will be picked.

This giveaway is completely voluntary, if you don’t want it fine with me.

I prefer to get one for Linux kernel development and also Android. If possible, I can help maintain u-boot and kernel, and can provide technical support for it.


I have already signed up on the original posting here: Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test - #50 by Tido Does this not count anymore?

Edit: I just see in the frist posting that you have to sign up. xX Click the Below Link to Enter the Giveaway Xx

I prefer the way LeMaker did it, they contacted me - no weird sign up - you already have my Emailaddress, because I signed up in this Forum.

Cheers Tido

Both are still active. We will pick 2 from this giveaway widget.

And for the weird sign up you are talking about. It is about keeping fairness. We are using a third party giveaway tool so the winner is randomly selected. It is a giveaway, not an apply and wait to see if they email me.

I have already applied with link below, also this thread. When will you guys send us one sample of the 1000 piece? Or just 2 pieces?

Actually it is on sale in China. Check here. It is RMB 370 .

Got it. I am just confused. The M3 is already on sale in China. Why did you told us it is still in beta phrase? It is sold for 370 RMB. Check it out.

I am pretty sure it is not out yet. It is not on any of the BPI stores yet.

Hi hikalu,

Interesting information. PB stated that it is not out yet, but the other guy already has one. No word about the 1000pcs vs 2pcs :smirk:

Cheers Tido

Hi Tido, It is already on sale in China. I am confused when projectbananapi told us it is still in beta phrase. The price tag for the board is 370 RMB. What also confuses me is they open two threads for sending sample boards. One of them says 1000 will be send, the other says 2 will be send. 1000 decreased to 2?

Try buying one from the link and proof us wrong. If you get your hands on one and take a picture then you will be prove me wrong.