BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Raspbian & Ubuntu Release 2018-07-09

(ZB) #1

BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Raspbian & Ubuntu V1.1 Release 2018-07-09

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2Z board which is based on Allwinner H2+, We have two images release,Raspbian 8.0 is based on kernel 3.4 and Ubuntu 16.04 is based on kernel 3.4.

2.M2Z Raspbian 8.0 Features Map

3.M2Z Ubuntu 16.04 Features Map


Where is the BPI_B2Z raspbian image?
(berbec) #2

Does either of these images support i2c and spi?

(M) #4

Hi, great to see that camera is working :slight_smile: Could you please give more information:

  • which camera (where to buy, URL would be great)?
  • which image you’re using; Raspbian or Ubuntu?
  • is the camera driver already build into the image? If not how to install it?

Many thanks in advance! Best regards MK_Munich

(M) #5

Hi Jackzeng, I downloaded the Raspbain image and burned it on an SD card and booted my Zero. It is amazing, that the CPU temperature remains cool.

Is it possible to copy the SD card to eMMC during running on Zero and to boot from eMMC lateron?

Best regards MK_Munich