Yocto on Bananapi-M1. How to resolve "Target machine = bananapim1" is invalid error

Hello everyone,

I am working on running the Xen hypervisor on BananaPi-M1 board. Here before running the xen, I need to build an yocto image for the BananaPi-M1. I have 2 questions,

1.I am currently have meta-sunxi BSP layer and meta-openembedded layer (using the yocto warrior) will this BSP support BSP-M1?

  1. Also I have tried giving various name for the Target machine like “bananapim1”, “BananaPiM1”, “BnananapiM1” but everytime I am getting the 'Target_Machine=bananapim1" is invalid ’ error.

But I searched a lot on this but I didn’t find any useful answer finally end up with no failure. So may I know what wrong I am doing here. Please suggest me the correct path I should follow. Any suggestion will help me a lot.

Thank you, Siddhartha V