Yocto build for Banana_Pi M1


I am trying to run the Xen hypervisor on Banana-Pi M1 board. I read about yocto building for BPI M1 and then adding the Xen Layer. I need some idea how the Yocto build an be done for kernel and the hypervisor. Can anybody give some suggestion how to achieve my target. Any suggestion will help me a lot.

Can I get any info. or source regarding this to refer.

regards, Siddhartha V

Yocto is a tool to build a custom Linux distro. Its complicated to deal with and you will need some time to learn. Its not a tool for one person, but for a large team.

Rather try some down-to-earth way:

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Thank you @igorpec sir,

But My goa is to run the Xen hypervisor on BananaPi - M1. This I need to do through yocto only I think. So It will be helpfull if I any get source how to work on it.

You don’t need Yocto. Its the worse way to do it with it, especially if you never done anything with it.

Well, you are seeking for help at the wrong place.