Wwan0 not added when plugging in usb Netgear Beam

I have been playing with a 330u Netgear Beam LTE 3g/4g cellular device trying to get it to work on my raspberry pi’s without luck. I figured I would try it on my banana M1 to see if it behaved any differently.

The device works as expected on my Ubuntu laptop, and ‘seems’ to work on the pis but the resulting network interface doesn’t seem to carry any traffic when I try a ping or traceroute using the wwan0 interface.

On the banana pi, however, it doesn’t even seem to create the wwan0 interface so I can’t configure the connection in network manager as it says there is no compatible device for the connection. I checked and usb_wwan, qcserial and qmi_wwan are all being loaded when I hotplug the device and the cdc-wdm0 is being created. But nothing for wwan0 or any ‘ugly’ device names show up in ifconfig.