Wish List for next Image (other users please complete)

Hey there. Here is my wish list for the next image.

  • newer Kernel
  • HDMI-CEC support
  • Digital Audio over HDMI
  • Kodi

I hope you will add it soon

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Your dream is beautiful :smiley: Mine is similar. Unfortunately Banana M3 developers don’t care and release only not useful linuxes… :frowning:

Dream will eventually become a reality …

Full support for viewing video files. Kodi - on all new images of the future. Samba server to all new images of the future. Thank you for a great job))

You seem to be new here, right?

That would be great !!!

P.S. Keep your dreams alive :wink:

Only as long as you don’t understand what that means. A few linux-sunxi devs work on A83T and it’s possible to boot mainline kernel on this SoC in the meantime since u-boot has support since version 2016.05-rc3 and most basic support for A83T is present in kernel 4.6

All the stuff the average user cares about won’t work with mainline kernel for the first time. So stop dreaming of ‘newer kernel’ and stuff like that since it will be just like with BPi M2: Either you use the crappy Allwinner Android kernel @sinovoip provides (‘Team BPi’ contains of no kernel devs so don’t expect anything from them) or you run your BPi M3 as a headless server in a few months with kernel 4.x. There’s nothing in between.

The only good thing regarding A83T is that this SoC shares some IP blocks with its more attractive siblings A64 and H3. So maybe as a by-product of linux-sunxi community coding for H3 and A64 driver situation with mainline kernel will improve more by accident than design for A83T too.

I’m not familiar with all the kernel stuff so I can’t say much about it… I only want to get my USB-Wifi-Adapter (TL-WN722N) working on Kali-Linux, some guys said to me that It should work with a newer Kernel - So that’s the reason why I’m dreaming :laughing: :wink:

I think you understand a lot of this things so maybe you can help me :slight_smile:

Who told you you would need a newer kernel? This one works even with kenel 2.6: https://github.com/erickcion/tlwn722n-linux-install

Just try to follow the inctructions there – maybe kernel headers are missing or not provided, then your only hope is @sinovoip (that was a joke)

Okay my new dream is the kernel header xD - So I hope the BPI-Team release it as quickly as possible.

Thank You and don’t see anything so negative :slight_smile:

You’re lost since software/support from @sinovoip simply suck. I just checked situation with legacy kernels in Armbian. We had to add this patch to our sun8i legacy kernel to get the WiFi’s firmware loaded with more recent Linux distros (systemd problem). So without this patch, the necessary htc_9271.fw firmware file in the right location and of course the driver built and active you can’t use your Wi-Fi dongle.

That’s the problem with BPi M3. Apart from the several hardware design flaws you can not count on community (since none exists) and therefore have to rely on the vendor for OS images and support. In fact you own the only SBC that does not work with these popular Atheros Wi-Fi dongles (same with 1-wire for example – BPi M3 is the only SBC that can not make use of this technology since for whatever reasons famous ‘Team BPi’ does not activate it).

Good luck with your paperweight!

I’m happy if the New kernel, but I want doing power around.

I dream support for hdmi-rca converter! I only managed to enable the hdmi-dvi converter.