wiringX org have support banana pi for GPIO function

Introduction to wiringX

Ever wondered why with every new GPIO capable computer like the Banana Pi, Radxa, Hummingboard people are always asking: “Is there already a wiringPi port?” Gordon from wiringPi did a great job in porting common Arduino style GPIO function to the Raspberry Pi GPIO, but no-one realized it would become the standard C GPIO interface. Sadly, this lack of insight also introduces the biggest issue with wiringPi: it wasn’t created modular! This means that every port of wiringPi only supports the single computer it was ported to! When creating multi-platform software, developers had to do a great deal of dirty hacking to actually integrate the different wiringPi ports.

This is exactly where wiringX has jumped in.

What is wiringX?

wiringX combines (and developed in case of the Hummingboard) all wiringPi ports into one single modular GPIO interface created in C. It auto-detects the platform it’s running on and will automatically map the GPIO functions to the enable general GPIO interfacing such as reading, writing, handling interrupts and interfacing with I2C and SPI.

This means that programs developed using wiringX will natively work on the following platforms:

Raspberry Pi (1 and 2; model A, A+, B, and B+) Banana Pi Hummingboard Radxa MIPS CI20 Creator wiringX has already been proven to work in pilight, an open source domotica solution.

more information , please visit wiringX website: http://wiringx.org/

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