wiringPiISR: wait for support

Hi all!

I’m facing with a problem , and I will be very grateful if someone could give me some hint.

I installed BPI version of wiringPi with this instructions

(adding patch suggested by jero to avoid the message " Unable to determine hardware version. I see: Hardware : Allwinner sun8i Family")

if I type:

gpio readall

I can see a PinOut consistent with SoC’s documentation.

My Workbench is:

  • HW: BananaPi m2 ultra
  • OS: Armbian 5.83 user-built Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
  • kernel: 4.19.36-sunxi

I was trying to compile & test isr.c code, provided in examples directory, first I do:

gcc isr.c -lwiringPi -lpthread -lrt -lm -lcrypt -Wall -o isr -O

and I get a file named isr ready to be tested.

The problem appears in running time when I try to setup my handler function for the interrupt. I call

wiringPiISR (pin, INT_EDGE_FALLING, myHandler);

and it looks like program ends before returning from this function, flushing a message in stdout that says:

wiringPiISR: wait for support (0)

I changed targeted pin for ISR, cause I noticed that there is just a few pins with support for edge triggered interrupts so I modified isr.c to get it work with pin PH1 (BCM 225, wPi 22, GPIO.22, Pin 31 in CON1), but when after recompilation I run my new compiled ./isrmodified, I get a similar message in the same point (now it says)

wiringPiISR: wait for support (225)

I also had changed OS distribution to Raspbian with a 3.10-108-BPI-M2U-Kernel, with no different result.

is there some other people that has encountered the same problem, and could point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance!!!