Wiring pi is not working with bananian for BPI-M2

Hi, I have bananian running on BPI-M2.

compiling wiringpi succeeds but always shows ‘0’ for all pins.

Look through the forums. You would be the first that gets this stuff working on the M2. It can not work, you bought a SBC without support for GPIO.

HI: Please provide error messages We will help to check it .

How? Have you read he’s using Bananian? That means mainline kernel. That means WiringPi can not work. It’s that simple. And since you’re the one checking in both kernel code and WiringPi you have to know that.

Why don’t you simply tell the truth and say “it does not work” instead of fooling users so they get the impression they would receive some help if they just wait long enough (weeks/months/years)

@bertl100: Forget about WiringPi. The only way to access GPIO pins in your situation is outlined here: http://linux-sunxi.org/GPIO#Accessing_the_GPIO_pins_through_sysfs_with_mainline_kernel

OK, thanks for this disscussion.

First, setting GPIO’s is, as Rab points, very simple. If the gpiolib does not work, i can live with it. Second, I managed now to add a wlan module (RTL8188cu) to the bananian to avoid the cabling.

Would be great to hear the wiringpi is working in the future.



It won’t work. But this doesn’t matter since they managed to target only idiots with their marketing. People that are happy to get hardware that’s not working as intended due to missing software.