WiFi issue in Banana pi M2 zero

Dear BPi Team, Myself Prem, I am an embedded developer,I work on SBC’s I used work on Rpi’s most of the time , recently for a project I chose rpi zero, but rpi zero was inefficient for my requirement,the requirement was live video streaming using webrtc where the device will be connected to WiFi and streaming the video to a system continuously so I chose bpi m2 zero for this.the bpi zero specs are fine and its speed is good ,but there is issue with WIFI. its connects to the wifi and it’s streams the video for initial five minutes but after that wifi gets disconnected automatically ,I tried all the methods mentioned in the forum ,but nothing worked ,so please give me solution for this . I tried all the OS which is given in ur downloads page Please help me to sort the issue ,I want the banana pi m2 zero to be connected to WiFi without any interruption and stream the video using the browser, I have purchased 2 devices of now . If this is solved then I will have huge requirements Note: I am particularly chose bpi m2 zero ,is because of its form factor . Please help me to sort this issue ,pls its very urgent ,pls consider this and hep me

@Prem_Kumar try one of the images by @avaf maybe it’ll work for you.

Thank you diy projects it didn’t work for my need