WiFi-Cache image for Banana-Pi BPI-M1 board

note: this image only for Chinese version,not support English yet.

WiFi-cache image download link:

google driver

How to burn image to BPI-M1 board:

  1. download image : WiFi-Cache_V2.0.14_0857_bpi.img.gz,unzip it.
  2. use imgclone tooling,burn img file to SD card. http://www.morequick.net/docs/install.html#imgclone
  3. insert SD card BPI-M1, and connect power and Network Cable line.
  4. waiting about 30 second, use another PC , login with
  5. success ,if have image update ,you can update new image with webpage,not need to burn again.

test wifi-cache image on BPI-M1:

hardware:BPI-M1 image version:WiFi-Cache V2.0.14 (0857) harddisk:1T network environment:cybercafe、diskless workstation、more than 100 pc terminal

running test:

user add to 150 , BPI-M1 working fine :

CPU and SDROM load:

network flow:

note: our client have ust it with BPI-R1 to support server for commercial accounts.