Why can t we use dd for android

Hello New in banana world after deceptive expérience with odroid I was very suprising to read than we can not use dd to copy the android img on the sdcard :weary: So I can not have informations on the image with fdisk -l . I accomplished to copy the img under Windows, suprising nothing under linux system, and boot the bpi2 successfull. So my question is why android img is différent ? Under odroid dd did the job what are the bpi2 restriction to be différent ?

For hardware quality i m very satisfacted, good finitions.

My first impressions are than the hardware quality is present and than we can do good things. But my BIG déception is on the android img which does not the job:

  • wifi not working
  • impossibility to rotate the screen
  • xbox360 controller not implemented (first android img I try which does not work)

Are there fixes for that points or should we compile ourself our android img? (not really want to do this) The odroid c1+ android img is really working fine and got good features do you think it could boot on bpi2?

Please escuse my poor english Regards