Which SATA controller in BPI-R1?


which SATA controller is in BPI-R1?

I need to write a custom SATA driver for a special application, but I couldn’t find any programming documentation for the SATA controller in BPI-R1. Especially documentation of these SATA ports:

DIAGNR0 0x00b4, DIAGNR1 0x00b8, OOBR 0x00bc PHYCS0R 0x00c0, PHYCS1R 0x00c4, PHYCS2R 0x00c8

I’ve the “Allwinner A20 User Manual Revision 1.4, Apr. 20, 2015”, but SATA is only very briefly documented, it’s unfortunately not enough for writing a SATA driver as even the name/id of the SATA controller is not documented.

Can anybody help pls?