Which PowerSupply - question to the sales team

Hi Sales Team,

Back in the day, when M3 finally got current through a DC-Barrel - I asked you to add a suitable power-supply on AliExpress what you have done :clap:

With the launch of Banana Pi BPI-M2 Ultra there is no suitable power supply on AliExpress will you add a power supply ?

Cheers Tido

Power Adapter

Hi Frank, thank you.

My comment was not meant for people like me I have an education around electric. This should be done for people who just want to start tinkering and as such it is good to have this information right in the Shop.

Here in the forum it simply gets lost.

Until now there is NO suitable power supply in the Shop of Sinovoip on Aliexpress.

Cheers Tido

Is there no one from the sales team and or a technician how cares ?

all is same as BPI-M3 adapter. DC port spec all is same ,and support 5V/2A

I bought a 3 Amp wall-wort with the 1.7mm plug from a seller on eBay. I plan on plugging some external USB devices and I want the additional power.

Larry El Paso, TX

adapter spec:


@lionwang - Hi Lion, on AliExpress I can order the Banana Pi BPI-M2 Ultra but on this site is no PowerSupply for this SBC. I asked your sales team to add this so that your customer can easily find it. I think this is helpful for new users, what do you think ?

Cheers Tido

OK ,we will update soon. sorry ,just same with BPI-M3 DC adapter

Somebody has changed something on AliExpress, but now the SBC is no longer on the Website :dizzy_face:

BPI-M2 Ultra sell out, we will instock soon.

sounds good. About how many units are now in the world 2000, 5000, 7000, 10000 - how many users can the community expect?

When is the next production batch scheduled ?

If you click on your own Aliexpress link, then on the M2U PSU you find at the bottom (Related products) the M2U: https://aliexpress.com/item/Quad-Core-R40-Allwinner-chip-Banana-Pi-M2-Ultra-Development-board-with-WIFI-BT4-0-EMMC/32765110548.html

It’s listed as ‘in stock’ and they sold 83 items.

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we try to do next batch before Chinese traditional Spring Festival(2017) holiday, but maybe hard work.

Thank you, didn’t come up with this idea, but they also sold bigger quantites to shops all around the world. So I guess the quantity is far higher than 83. 2000, 5000, 7000, 10000 seem to me more realistic figures.

Consider that you have just about these expensive parts: R40, WiFi, eMMC, RAM, PCB depends on the qty of layers. Everything else on the board costs each 3 - 60 cents. So the whole cost is quite low and you would therefore at least make a couple hundreds /thousands.

US $48.- for a board with almost zero (0) software support is therefore way too high.

Edit: I just Google’d: Lunar New Year will be on Jan. 28, 2017