Which display works with the M64?

It has the MIPI display connector but none of the LCDs mentions MIPI. Any display will work for me.

A hdmi screen is usefull for you? I have read that they are two screen type in 5 and 7 inch that are special for bpi, but not sure if they are compatible with M64

I have HDMI plugged in, I want a small touch LCD. Preferable with a RGB parallel interface.

The 7" LCD works with M64 with this image:

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Somenone from Foxconn tested the BPI MIPI 7" LCD with success with this image: https://github.com/avafinger/bpi-m64-firmware-v2#7-lcd-support

I have ported the 5" LCD driver also but could not figure out how to keep the panel from enter sleep mode.

I think the lcd panel is this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Arrival-Banana-Pro-Pi-7-inch-LCD-Display-Touch-Screen-Raspberry-Pi-Car-GPS-FreeShipping/302756_32335608836.html


Avaf thanks for the link, yes it´s the same screen, available in 5 and 7 inch :). Do you know if touch panel works and image displays ok with Android too? How about the display brightness?? DO you think that is suitable for outside environment??

Where is the datasheet?

The 5" LCD panel i mentioned is the new one. You should pay attention to the model S070WV20 (7").

Yes it works on Android (7") but i don’t have it and don’t know which Android image you should download, must be one specific to this LCD or it will not work.

Regarding brightness and outside environment is hard to answer, i doubt any 7" in a price range from $35 to $45 will be suitable with direct sun light hitting the panel, but is just an opinion.

Datasheet? let’s forward this to BPI folks, unfortunately i don’t have any.