Which Battery Connector for BPI-M2 Ultra?

I have purchased a BPI-M2 Ultra specifically because of the battery capability but now I find that it appears to be using a non-standard battery connector and I cannot find anywhere on the web where I can buy batteries with that connector nor can I find anything that names the connector so I can google for it and/or ask battery vendors for that type of connector.

Please help! When can I find a battery with this connector and what is the name of the connector?

battery interface


battery interface spec:

Hi, my friend, I read your post, we have you want 6 wire connector,

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Hi sinovoip team.

Please tell the connector name (type, factory number etc.) that will fit the M2U battery connector. I found its very similar to 6S1P but I can be wrong -> AliExpress link


Hello, Friend, We sell such 2.54mm adaptor, what is your mail, please, my colleague Klaus will contact you about this.


Hello, i’m very interested in adding a battery to my bpi m2u. I found in aliexpress this batt C11-ME370T from an asus google nexus 7

Screenshot_20180811-174757 Screenshot_20180811-174738

has this batt the right conector? can i use this battery for my bpi m2u? thank’s

Hi I like to now wath the type of connector that is… And were I can bay one Regard Magnus Eriksson

Hello. Can you please tell me what type of connector that is… Please let me know. Regard Magnus Eriksson

Hello,I am using this. image

Thank you very much. I finally purchased this connector and i’m running the m2u with an ipad 1st gen battery lithium module. Works fine but i don’t get a battery% lecture (tried on ubuntu and debian).

Can you clarify if this pin layout is the same as the M64 and if using a three wire battery do you need to include the resistors on the ts (pin6) where does the return to ground need to is it pins 4/5 ? @sinovoip @Judy_Huang @Judy_Huang1

yes,its the same as the M64.

As shown in the figure, A=10k, B=NC, so the battery temperature sensor is not required.