Where to buy 7" touchscreen

Where do i buy the updated (mipi) touchscreen i had bought the original m2 on pre-order with the 7" lvds display and have been very leary of buying banana pi project boards since but i recently purchased a m64 as ive been interested in it for awhile now the only problem is i cant find a mipi display for it

you can send mail to judyhuang@ banana-pi.com ,she will full support you.

Hi team,

I’m sorry, but this is not good.

Many people are interested in compatible screens, very few of them asking questions here. Most just look around, search google and then go buy Raspberry Pi or other products where information is available.

It’s not good to give some e-mail contact and then even respond that the person you gave as a contact is not getting e-mails, as you did in another thread about screens.

Publish the info! It will only help you, trust me on that.