Waveshare wm8960 audio hat on Bananapi M2Zero Armbian

  1. Waveshare wm8960 audio hat hardware pin connection

    Becarfull, Bananapi m2zero i2s pin define is different with Raspberrypi 40pin.


  2. Download latest Bananapi m2zero armbian image, and flash it to sdcard

  3. Copy sun8i-h3-i2s0.dts (1.6 KB) and wm8960_asound.state (13.1 KB) to sdcard /root directory

  4. Insert sdcard to m2zero board and bootup

  5. After bootup, replace the asound.state file and create sun8i-h3-i2s0.dtbo with armbian-add-overlay command.

    armbian-add-overlay create dtbo file in /boot/overlay-user/sun8i-h3-i2s0.dtbo and enable load it in armbianEnv.txt


  6. Reboot the board to apply the dtbo, then check the playback and record device.

  7. Test