Waveshare USB HUB Hat & ETH/USB HUB Hat not working using supplied micro-usb link

I’ve been trying to use the Waveshare USB Hub hats (with and without ethernet) - that connect to the RPi Zero WH via a small U-shaped micro-USB link - with my BPI-M2 Zero. Power is supplied but the Hub is not detected, nor is anything that is connected to the hub.

If I connect a generic USB-OTG adapter to the BPI-M2 Zero micro-USB port and connect the Waveshare hub with a standard USB lead, everything works well.

Does this mean the micro-USB port on the BPI-M2 Zero is actually different from the one on the RPi Zero WH ?

Why would this not work like the existing RPi WH - it connects using the same style micro-USB port ?

I have the same problem. Did you found a solution? I also have a Waveshare USB/Ethernet HAT, the same as the USB HUB HAT but than with a ETERNET port on it. That HAT works just fine. Now I need to use the USB HUB HAT but I can’t get it to work