Waveshare 3.5 inch display touch input?

Does that waveshare rpi display work with on a m2 zero? As in, touch input and display is required. https://www.waveshare.net/wiki/3.5inch_RPi_LCD_(B)

I read that the display should work fine but without the touch interface? Unsure if this computer is compatible with my project if this won’t work.

only one spi cs pin in 40 pin header

With the latest armbian I have been able to have ili9341 LCD and touch working with 2 SPI using overlay. Therefore it is possible, although I cannot say if it is possible with Ubuntu or legacy kernels.

spi0 for lcd, spi1 for tp, that is possible, but hardware of this https://www.waveshare.net/wiki/3.5inch_RPi_LCD_(B) must be changed

How did u do i ordered the same screen as u can u send me a link ?

Hi Axel, these are the steps I followed. Instructions and files have been attached. Hope it helps you. Regards. Alleiny.Ili9341_Touch_Instructions.txt (1,8 KB) spi0-ads7846_overlay.txt (1,3 KB) spi1_ili9341_overlay.txt (1,0 KB)

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You’re right, my bad. Regards. Alleiny.

Will this screen work with the M4 board ?

I had one of these displays and could never get it to work following above instr, I am not sure the overlays mentioned above work with the m4 uboot.I was never able to activate them, but to be honest, I don’t really know what I am doing with it. I recall it was a long process just getting DTC installed, and converting the TXT to DTB in the root folder. Also I was running bullseye which the official software does not support, best I got was the screen would flicker rapidly as it was booting, but there was no image, so might have just been some kinda power surge on the board, I was going to go back to it, but unfortunately I stood on it, and broke it.

Sorry for the long delay… BPI company doesn’t use this forumto help customers or even offer any support. They just use it to promote new products that will have no support.

I can across your 20.04 upgrade post. How is that going. I haven’t upgraded my Mate but I do need Ubuntu 20 or newer. Would you recommend the upgrade with any new steps?