Video playback problem


we have a problem with the video images on my m2u. Some videos are played well, but some videos have damaged image. Either in the image strips are broken or colors ar broken. In the last two films it is use Xvid codec Movie was playing well and the second movie wrong. I have installed Ubuntu Ubuntu restricted extras. It also makes the VLC player and the mpvplayeri. Do you have any knowledge of what it can do.?.

The same was do on rasbian too.

thx. OG

can you record a video ,let us check it.???

I’m sorry to write very very late. I did not have time to try things with bananaapi.

after few weeks ago i found problem in video playback setings in VLC. when I have more time so try to create a video from desktop. But i still have problem. I cannot play films and cartoons for my children.

did you resolve your problem with video playback ? I have problem too with video playback. But I’m trying to play in Kodi player on: