Using USB OTG with the BPI-M3

I’m currently trying to get USB OTG to work, so,I can use the gadget module g_serial. I’ve stumbled across this post where someone managed to do that, but I had no success so far. There is also very little information how he did it. I’ve tried raspbian and debian so far, but had no luck with either of them. Right now I’m installing ubuntu, because on the older BPI models OTG was directly supported by Bananian, which is based on Ubuntu, but I don’t have much hope. I also compiled the kernel with the activated OTG settings, but it didn’t change a thing.

Anyhow, if someone was able to get OTG working, I’d be grateful for every hint you can provide!

Best regards

You have to edit some files and compile the kernel again to make it work, as he specify in his post on the 3rd message of the topic.

Also, there’s a commit on the BPI M3 github from last April titled “fix cpu load issue: change USB0(microusb) from OTG to host only”. As Morpheux74 post is from last february, maybe something has been changed since then that makes it impossible (and maybe you need to revert those changes if it makes a difference ?)

Yeah, made the changes in the sunxi_udc.c file. After that I compiled the kernel and copied the BPI-ROOT and BPI-BOOT folders from the SD output folder to the SD Card and could boot the BPI up, but after making the changes in the sys_config.fex and replacing the script.bin the system didn’t even start anymore. Somehow not even replacing it with the original made it work again, so I had to flash the new image on the SD card again. Maybe I’ll try it with an older version of the BPI-bsp.