Using GPIO with M2B

Hi. I’m new to the BananaPI, was working with Arduino a bit earlier. Got a question regarding GPIO: wanted to do some simple thing for the beginning with blinking led or something like that in C.

With gpiodetect I’m getting the following: gpiochip0 [1c20800.pinctrl] (288 lines)

My question is: how to know which lines are responsible for these 40 pins? Is there some kind of schematic or is there some error in my assumptions?

Got the latest Armbian from the getting started page for M2B.


Here is everything that I needed: cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/*/pinmux-pins gives the list of the pin mappings to the kernel gpio ports.

Manipulation with libgpiod was successful, was able to command the led diode to turn on and off.