Use ov5640 camera in OpenCV

Hi, friends. I have suffered from capturing image from ov5640 cameras in OpenCV. I used 2 kinds of cameras, webcam and BPI camera module. webcam is added automatically as /dev/video0. BPI camera module is added by the following commands. $ sudo modprobe ov5640 $ sudo modprobe sun4i_csi0 $ ls -1 /dev/video* /dev/video0 /dev/video1 But the ov5640 camera does not work correctly in OpenCV. This is the result of my camera capture screen. What should I do now? (243 Bytes) Please provide me your help. Thank you for your time. Phon.

Hi, Where i can find a cmake decent example that use the ov5640 with opencv running on BPI Zero Regards Dibet

Did you solved this problem?

There is an example on how to use OpenCV with OV5640:

I can’t get anything to work with this camera other than that “cap” program. Is there something else I can do? For instance mplayer doesn’t work, nor does ffmpeg: /dev/video0: Operation not permitted

I have updated fswebcam for mainline-kernel.