Use BPI Zero insad of RPI Zero


I am currently using a RPI Zero for the EZ Wifibroadcasting. THough I am a newbee I wonder following:

a) Is it possible to “port” current SW to BPI? b) If so. Is it a tremendeous work?

Thanx in advance and have a super duper day.


Trying again.

Doeas anyone know how much “re-programming” it would take to run this SW on a banana.pi.

EZ-Wifi: EZ-WiFi Broadcast

Hey Besserwizzer,

Pretty sad to see a powerful SBC but no support, developers or followers.

I’m trying to “port” open HD or drone bridge.

Any luck on your side?

Pretty sad that users don’t support developers while expecting something upfront. This is general problem plus the fact that designing and producing new boards is dirt cheap comparing to software support.

I was referring to the popularity / numbers of people on the Raspberry Pi compared this SBC.

Rpi is pretty much virtualized device controlled by big corporations. Due its level of virtualization, support is cheaper in every sense which is probably one of the reasons of its popularity. If you care to explore more, check this thread. If you want Linux on non-rpi device, its always more difficult and without project such as Armbian, you would cry while using them, since support is so bad or simply not use them at all. Also sometimes even Rpi doesn’t provide solutions you might need. Its just a Linux computer and if you want to use it for something more advanced or you don’t want to read manuals, you need to hire people to make things works.