USB power plug version


I know that there is version of the board with MicroUSB power plug instead of barrel plug. I would prefer for my project to use something more common than barrel plug. I understand that there is a problem with power delivery over flunky microusb plug and that is why that version is not available but maybe there is another solution: do same as many mobile phone manufacturers: use USB-Type-C connector with USB 2.0 specification - for both data and power. Do not change usb spec to 3.0. Just use plug. It will be more convenient to power some projects on the go :slight_smile:

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yes, it is a MicroUSB power support , if you need ,we can change DC power to MicroUSB , but ,we test , it can support 5V ,1.8A with M3, it can meet your application ???

no to hijack the thread. but whenever i power my Banan Pi M3, it shows a red led status light… can’t seem to figure our the problem. I tried the microUSB with an adapter and a power bank of 2.1amp and another with 2.4amp and still can’t get it to work. any suggestions?

are you burn image to SD card with right way???, can you use UART to debug it???

I got the latest android image from the official banana pi site and flashed it using Win32DiskImager on windows 10 Pro x64… I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here tbh.

can i have a link to a beginners guide on how to get started with banana pi and maybe a troubleshooting guide as well?

Edit: So i checked the image after formatting it on an SD card, it shows that the disk needs to be formatted again, i tried it on VM WinXP and no luck, same issue! you help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

the MD5 # doesn’t match the one after downloading the file. i think it might be the file being uploaded is corrupt.

please refer this documents:

You did hijack my question. Please create new thread so that people can easily find solutions for their problems.

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So where can I order version with microusb plug? The one on aliexpress has barrel plug :confused: or ?

yes, but for sample order ,we need change it to MicroUSB by hand .:slight_smile:

LOL, this is really funny statement.