Unusual I2C Behavior

So I am using a BPI-M2 Zero, slick little board. I have I2C up and running and I can detect devices. The problem here is it only works with specific I2C entities. For example I have a 16 channel pwm board that works flawlessly, but when I attempt to use an ADC Pi module the bus drops all addresses and shows no connected hardware; furthermore, when I use a BerryGPS module the I2C but stops responding and returns: “i2c i2c-0: mv64xxx_i2c_fsm: Ctlr Error – state: 0x2, status: 0x0,” and then states that the bus is locked. I have tested each of these devices on a raspberry pi and a beaglebone and they are in good working order. I have also tried several images across various kernels and the result is the same. Any idea what the problem is?

I managed to track the culprit down to a faulty pin header, after replacement i2c is behaving as expected.