Unable to use root to write to disk

These newer Android images have verity enabled. Verity stops viruses from messing with the low level boot process. It also stops you from writing to the disk even if you have root.

adb disable-verity adb reboot

Now you can write to the disk.


Hello, when I connect the M64 to PC via micro usb, isn´t recognized by pc for USB debuging so I can´t use ADB commands. When run “adb devices” in cmd, the M64 isn´t visible, also windows only can recognize it as a “camera”

Why? How can I use the ADB with this device? I used it before but in this device its impossible

You likely have a ‘user’ build installed instead of a “userdebug” build. The ‘user’ builds are locked down for safety against hackers. Also make sure you have gone through the sequence in settings to turn on USB debug support.

adb works with the right image installed, I use it everyday.

Hello Jon_Smirl, thanks a lot for your reply, I understand. I downloaded the android 6.0 V2 and V1 from the banana pi official site and from this forum links (are the same) (HDMI), please where can I get the right image with working ADB, the “userdebug” build? Where do you downloaded it??

I build my own from source. Bug the BPi people to put one up that is ‘userdebug’

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ok. Thanks a lot again. I downloaded source, trying to compile it with cygwin but I can´t “Compile the lichee kernel”. The command window say me that I´m not in the lichee upper folder or something similar.

But I am in the top, calling to ./build.sh config, I am not sure what is happening.

Don’t use Cygwin. Make an Ubuntu 14 or 16 VM and compile it there. Virtualbox is free way to get VM.

Andoird 5 needs Ubuntu 14 Android 6 needs Ubuntu 16

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ok, perfect :slight_smile: . I´ll try again with Ubuntu 16 and VMware or similar virtual machine :yum:

Android is developed on Linux and they have used many, many features of Linux in the build process. Cygwin is not compatible enough, Bash on Windows is also not compatible enough. You can get both of those to work if you want to spend several days altering things in the build files but it is way easier to just use a VM.

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