Unable to boot andriod

Tryed for the past week to have my banana pi m2 working on andriod (BPI-M2_Android-4.4_hdmi, 3.0) Without any success. The only thing that i can see is the red led is light up.

Bought a extra power adapter so i used both the barrel dc and usb dc. Dident change a thing! Trying rebooting the device and restet no change.

Boots up fine with the other os/linux. But need andriod as it supports the xmbc…and a few other stuff.

Now iam out of ideas and getting pretty frustrated, buying a device iam unable to use. So any ideas how i continue with this or should i just trash this board? and go for something that works…

android image ,you need have right way to burn the SD card .

for this toptic link , hope can help you. just download M2 android image ,and burn the right way .


did you burn with diskimager or Phoenix card? you need to do it with Phoenix card

XBMC not perfectly running on Android. Overheating problem for BananaPi M2. Video playing cut off. XBMC for M2 will be published when ? Is there a any work ?

we have support KODI,and test it fine ,are you use 4.4 or 4.2, pleast try 4.4 at first.

Is there a new version? Because overheating problem the previous version.

yes ,we work hard for this target . as you know ,we must do many cowork with allwinner. open source project is a hard work. :smile:

Okey thx for the help sofar :smiley: got it too boot now atleast and kobi etc works fine…

But now i got a problem with the ethernet connection and andriod cant find any connection at all… any ideas how to fix this issue?

also got a question on how u turn of the andriod system cant find it?

Thank u for your help so far.

WIFI and Rj45 all support ,please check your setting.

I can see light blinking on the ethernet port but no connection and when i try to get i ip from therminal it looks like it takes it from wrong dhcp server? it should take it from but takes it from 169. somthing… could it be that its hosting its own dhcp server? there for just gives itself a ip?tryed adding as a static ip does not work :confused:

any ideas?

Can you see the Banana Pi from the router home page? If it did take it from the wrong dhcp server, then the software configuration may be wrong. I guess honestly another OS would be my suggestion.

Cant see it from the routher but “fixed” the issue in a other way… I just but a switch between routher and bpi and that way i get the correct ip… :smiley: