Ubuntu Mate - Issue playing YouTube video

I can’t view youtube neither in firefox nor in chromium (there is no error in browser console), just browser shows black square ( Did anybody tried to watch YouTube in ubuntu mate?

Youtube videos don’t work on Ubuntu Mate, there is no video decoder support. Only GPU

@Tris, is it about some ffmpeg decoder (software level)? or its about some kind of bpi-m3 decoder (hardware level)? may be it possible to install some video codec to fix issue?

Well, the SoC is quite weak, compare to an INTEL processor. To decode in SW will take up many resources, so it makes sense to do it with the HW decoder.

Good luck by getting support from SinoVoip on that piece :joy:

@Tido, it is very strange, because in bpi m3 with android on board, youtube video plays without any issue. i want to believe that this issue is SW related

Will you please read the intro on the first page of this Link. It is not so easy to understand, but it might open your mind around ARM chips.

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Android has hw acceleration built into its default image I believe. That is why you can watch YouTube on android from the android browser and the YouTube app.

However the Linux image for M3 lacks that decoder.