Ubuntu 16.04 SATA

Hello, i installed Ubuntu 16.04 server version preview 2 on emmc. But the SATA doesn’t work, when i connect hdd to BananaPI with sata cabel, the disk do nothing, i can’t hear anything. Do you think it is a hardware problem or Ubuntu 16.04 server preview2 doesn’t support sata? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Which plate do you have 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches.

I think it’s 3.5 inches. More bigger that SATA on DVD .


Hi The first problem is that you have the old model with the USB under-powered probelem.
The second problem the hard drive is a 3.5 inches, which needs 12 volts.
Get a power supply which has 12V & 5V and can thus supply the M3 https://forum-bpi.de/viewtopic.php?t=193


Thank you for your reply, what do you mean, old model with usb? “the old model with the USB under-powered probelem” I don’t power banana pi with usb.

The old board has the USB the new one has the barrel connector BPI-M3interface

Yes, but you said, i have got the old one. It isn’t true, i have the new one. With the barrel connector!

I am powering my Banana Pi M3 with the barrel connector with 3A power supply. When i connect a HDD with a SATA cabel to Banana Pi, the HDD do nothing, i can’t hear anything. The HDD what i am using needs 5V and 0.46 A, is this a problem? I measured the SATA power connector, it have just 4.6V not 5v. Is this a problem with a bad power supply or some issue on power managment chip? Thank you for reply. :slight_smile:

try to supply the hard disk somehow different with electricity

But I see a USB cable?


Nope bro! :smiley: This isn’t a USB cabel :smiley: This is a barrel connector.

boze you can see the black barrel input connector on this photo.

Hi I have the same issue. M3 with barrel connector 3A 5V power supply. The HDD is spinning but you have no HDD output at lsblk: Do you fixed this issue in the last month? Thank you for your help.

Greetings Elluminatus

Hi, no i didn’t solve the issue. I recommend you to power your HDD with an external power supply. If your HDD is spinning, it means your power is ok, but you have problem with data, my problem wasn’t with data, but with the power. So you can try to connect the HDD data with other SATA data cabel, and if it will not work, check, if you can see the disk in fdisk, if not, it must be problem with HDD or, the SATA chip on the Banana Pi.

Hi, i tested it with an other image and it is working, maybe the ubuntu 16.04 server image doesent support the sata port . it is build by an other user. Maybe thats the point… Greetings Elluminatus