Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Lite eMMC image for BPI P2 Zero

Hi everyone

I`m planning to use BPI P2Z on my projects and there is a problem with all those images posted by the SinoVoip …

The debian/raspbian/ubuntu images are using the same kernel 4.4 what is actually laggy and you wont have load average under the value of 1 even if you dont run anything on the board

Searching this forum and Github i found some work done by user avafinger

With his help i put some parts together to create a eMMC flashing image for BPI P2Zero

ATTENTION: you have to install a different image on SD-CARD and then upload and flash the eMMC with this image

The image link is hosted by me but i have no problem if someone else can provide his own hosting space for this

On https://www.robofarm.ro/bpi you can find a tool to format your sd-card, a bootloader (if needed) and the full image

The image is 100MB smaller because some eMMC space won`t 100% match, and to avoid any inconvenience …

what to do :

wget https://robofarm.ro/bpi/ubuntu-16.04-minimal-LTS-BPi-P2Z-eMMC.img.gz

gunzip ubuntu-16.04-minimal-LTS-BPi-P2Z-eMMC.img.gz

dd if=ubuntu-16.04-minimal-LTS-BPi-P2Z-eMMC.img of=/your/eMMC bs=10M status=progress

then you have your eMMC flashed

login root password bananapi

setup the network as you pleased

for me after about 2 weeks digging deep , is the best image so far, much faster than Ubuntu 19.10. I prefer FreeBSD or Debian but let`s give Ubuntu a chance Thank you for your great work avafinger

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Thank you for this @RoboFarm. avafinger is a true benefit for this forum and his work is greatly appreciated!


I flashed the image,but when it starts, the last line that appear is: “Starting kernel…”

And it doesn’t work.