UART test app - UART console for Android


What app should I use to test the UART in the Android OS? I only can find USB or BT type UART apks, are not for the native UART ttySX.

Could I do something to know if UART is working in Android? Could be done from the Linux Shell, with ADB or with another tool?


Solved, can be done through ADB Shell. UART tested, now I’ll try to use the I2C, SPI :blush:

Hi Anafry,

I’m also trying work with UART on Android OS. Could you provide some tips or references? Thanks~

you can test it from adb Shell. Try

adb remount

adb Shell


cat -v /dev/ttyS0

and you Will read the UART input

Many thanks:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: