Trying to install Ubuntu Mate into emmc

The how to confuses me a lot:

Install Image to EMMC with SD Ubuntu

1.Prepare a sd which is installed ubuntu image and bootup with sdcard

2.Copy emmc image to udisk, plug in board, then mount udisk.

3.After mount udisk, use command “bpi-copy xxx-emmc-xxx.img” to install image on Emmc. 4.After success install, power off the board, eject the sdcard and poweron with emmc boot.

I installed Ubuntu Mate on a SD card but I simply do not understand this instructions. Can someone please help me with that?

Regards, Radek

bpi-copy is a script command in, which is used for write bpi linux image to board emmc after bootup with SD card, it’s actually dd implement

But we are talking about the same image I installed on the SD card?

@RadekSu You have to boot up your bpi from sd card, place the image on a usb thumb drive (same image or whichever you wish to install on emmc) and plug it in bpi, download those bpi-tools mentioned on other comment, and run the ‘bpi-copy <image location on usb thumb drive> <location of emmc>’

location of emmc is usually /dev/mmcblk1

Ok. Thanks a lot. Going try it

Unfortunately it didn’t worked. I switched the boot switch to 0 or to 1. It won’t boot. Can someone tell me what for the boot button is?

For Linux, keep sw2 switch to 0 for both sd and emmc bootup. For Android, switch sw2 to 1 for emmc bootup

I can only install Ubuntu on SD card (I would rather prefer Raspbian) but after any attempt to install the same Ubuntu on Emmc it won’t boot

can you explain how does this work? afaik, the boot order in set to sd > emmc for sw2 to 0.

boot button might be just a power on button

from the bpi wiki we can see there is a spiloader before uboot for linux bootup. the spiloader will detect and load uboot from sd or emmc. but for android have a different bootloader and partition layout, only support boot from emmc, so spiloader is no required.

1. Board SW2 (board bottom near sd slot) switch to 0
2. For the compatibility of new 2GB and 1GB board with one Linux image, the old batch (before May, 2020) 1GB board must update the spirom firmware, so it can run the new release image.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but why the heck I have to compile a boot loader? Why there is no a binary version? You buy a product, it doesn’t work. The documentation is very unclear. Now it turns out I have to install docker, clone some repos, compile own bootloader and so on and so on. No offence but this is annoying

Please read the wiki carefully, M4 board flashed right spiloader in factory, and wiki also provide binaries, confirm which board you have, 1GB or 2GB, before you test a image.

I have a 2 GB version. Where can I find those binaries. In the meantime I compiled it in the docket but I have no idea how to install it. I read the wiki several times, and seriously I speak fluent English but I’m not able to comprehend these instructions

Ok, I installed the new spirom. Sadly I still can’t install anything but Ubuntu and I can’t install Ubuntu in eMMMc.

I think I’m going to send it back :confused: