Try to get the M3 stable without crashes


I got my M3 last year before christmas. But there is now way for me to get it stable to work. I tried every image that is available for download, i soldered a DC-Connector piggyback to the usb-connector, i tried with heat sink. No chance. My last try today was the android V2 Image. The M3 crashes with only red LED permanently on - with every image. Today after 30 minutes, sometimes after a couple of days. Please help me. I simply want to run a debian without gui.


please check your adapter ,please note use 5V/2A adapter.

then check your SD card ,and burn image to SD card with right way.

if you sure all is do right for you. and still have this issue. just return to seller. and ask for a new board.

The M3 does have a tendancy to overheat, they really should have fitted a heatsing to it. Try fitting a big heatsync to the CPU, the bigger the better I did this on mine and it is quite stable now. But I don’t run any apps that are likely to cause a lot of CPU stress.

I would go with this image here BPI-M3 new image:bpi-m3 Ubuntu 16.04 Beta Mate (not the featured one in the thread but the hybrid I created). Read throught the thread to get an idea how/what to fix afterwards (kernel updates for example – ‘Team BPi’ still only provides a brain-dead way to apply these fixes but it’s wort the efforts).

And you should install a RPi-Monitor to get a clue what’s going on. Installer available as well as description what to expect. Common problem is not heat (since throttling works) but most likely undervoltage/undercurrent: