Touchscreen with M64 Linux?

Hi, How do I get the official banana pi 7" LCD touch screen to work with the M64? The linux image is not an LCD version, right?


Do you have the banana pi 7" LCD touch screen with you? If you have and are interested, please, let me know and i can try and prepare it to LCD/touch, feel free to try and see if it works for you. i don’t have one so i did not bother not to have a build with touch screen.

I have a banana pi LCD touch screen and would like to try the Linux build that supports it.

Good. I am pushing FT5_TS to the github and DTB with LCD and Touch support. The drawback is you have to update kernel to 3.10.104 to try the touch. Let me know if this works for you, i am blind without LCD/Touch, but there is a good chance it will work. Please, try and check for the instructions and files in a few minutes.

i have been tested your DTB file , but that not work for me(i tested it in the offical ubuntu img) :frowning:

Sure it will not work. Touch support is for kernel 3.10.104 only. Sorry, i can’t help without the LCD/Touch i Hands. Good luck.

ok, thank you:slight_smile:

This does not appear to work with the kernel update and the LCD touchscreen. The screen never turns on.

i hope that will be have a offical img to support the lcd screen :frowning:

I have added the missing 7" LCD driver (S070WV20_MIPI_RGB) to the kernel 3.10.105 and also the driver for the nice new 5" LCD panel. I am not able to test the results (mine is on the way) but if someone is interested and can test it i will push to github, appreciate any feedback (working or NOT working).

Done. It’s on Mind is a WiP.

Feel free to try it.

good job!! i have not test it yet,because i am in the busy day , if it work , i will give u a reply :D, thank you :smiley: