Audio on Banana Pi M2 Zero?

Hi, So while there isnt a dedicated audio out on the board. I do know the chip can output audio, having looked at the datasheets for the SOC.

So the question is… Is there a unpopulated header I can solder to to get PCM audio? Or is there a guide to route audio through the GPIO?

hello, I just checked, you could use PCM0 on 40pin, but before this, you need to change the gpio function in “sys_config.fex”. if you still have question, we could discuss this later.



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Hi so i see PCM. But only 1 pin… Does that mean this is only capable of outputting mono sound?

I noticed the SPDIF pin, but id rather not have to add a decoder, as it just raises the costs… Is there anyway to get a stereo signal out?

Hello! We are developing a plate that is on the banana pi and our engineer has some doubts. We will use the microphone model INMP441ACEZ-R7 as I2S. Can we connect directly to the port?

Will I be able to use the interface as an I2S?